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Pricing and availability

The prices shown on the website at the time of ordering are shown in Canadian dollars. Prices may differ can be higher or lower when you actually place the order. Placing the item in the cart doesn’t reserve the price shown at that time. Any applicable taxes will be calculated and displayed when completing checkout and prior to submission of your order. All taxes displayed are estimates and the final tax amount will be confirmed based on your final order total. Although we make our best effort to ensure pricing is accurately reflected for each item on our website, because our website contains a very large number of items, it is always possible that some of the products listed on our website may be mispriced. In those circumstances, we reserve the right to apply the correct current price to the item at checkout. If you are not satisfied with the current price, you have the right to remove the product from your order. We make it our goal to fulfill your order 100%, however, the product you ordered maybe unavailable due to market conditions, perish ability or conditions beyond our control. We may contact you via your preferred communication to suggest a similar product or substitute- it’s your discretion to accept or reject our suggested substitution. We are not liable if we are unable to provide you with 100% of your products ordered. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of a particular product you order as well as limit your order.

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